Mira Ball

Mira Ball
Mira Ball Mira Ball Mira Ball Mira Ball Mira Ball Mira Ball
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Mira ball is an electronic dynamic video playout incorporating frontier high technologies like computer, internet, Flash, video text cartoon editing software, etc. With this ball, it is possible to play out color cartoon, delicate pictures, written short massages, equivlent to 10000 chinse characters or 1500nstandard pictures and with computer linkup, from internet downloading up-to-date information, the inner broadcasting also but from wound characters, photograph to miraball. Miraball leaves the factory interpose have already stored the multiunit animated cartoon, several hundred photographs, characters content etc. This leaves the factory interpose may demand to import according to the customer. Picture culture that miraball broadcasts dazzles without exception with 360 degree of way rolling playing, limpid stability of tableau, color beautiful, match the background music having the high acoustic fidelity but be that the consumer provide rich information.

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